A-OX Welding Supply is a premier specialty gas, welding gas, and equipment supplier in
South Dakota, North Dakota,
Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

We feature a state-of-the art ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited gas lab and full-service retail locations across the region. Explore our website to find out ways that A-OX Welding Supply can facilitate all of your specialty gas, welding supply, and industrial safety needs.

automated fill plant

Take a look at our new automated fill plant in the video above. We also feature a certified specialty gas lab for all of your custom gas mixes for scientific, medical, and industrial applications.

industries we serve

Our specialty gas line serves just about every industry imaginable. Click the link below to find out more.

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medical And Life Science gases

A-OX Welding Supply is one of the region's largest supplier of medical gases. Our ISO 17025:2005 and FDA certified gas lab can supply just about any specialty Medical or Life Science gas you might need. We handle everything from small oxygen cylinders to manifold and bulk tank supply and installation. Call A-OX for all of your wholesale medical gas needs!

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The cryogenics experts at A-OX Welding supply can help you find a solution for all of your bulk gas needs, whether medical, industrial, food service, or scientific.

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foodservice gases

We supply a full line of gases for use in food packaging, flash freezing, beverage carbonation, fruit ripening, and shelf-life extension. 

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Specialty Gases

A-OX Welding Supply is proud to be associated with PurityPlus®, the largest network of independent specialty gas producers in North America.

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welding supplies & Industrial Safety

We carry a full line of welding supplies, consumables, and industrial safety products.

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