Employee Spotlight: Victoria Scotting, Accounting

Victoria Scotting is one of the rock stars in our Accounting Department. The team in Accounting is central to our day-to-day business, and interacts daily with each of the stores to ensure that our customers are served in the best possible way. 

Victoria has been with the A-OX Welding Supply Accounting Department for almost 7 years now. Prior to her time with us, she worked in the accounting office at her parents’ business in Florida. On any given day, she will take multiple calls from customers with billing questions, as well as calls from each of our retail locations pertaining to customer service matters and internal processes. She handles the paperwork for our branch locations and route trucks, as well as medical account billing.

One of her favorite things about working at A-OX is the team of people with whom she interacts daily. She also enjoys working with our customers, and enjoys learning about the various aspects of our business outside of the accounting office, whether that is welding processes and welding gases, medical gases, or specialty gases. She says, “I enjoy working for a family business, as it makes me feel like we are all family!”

In her free time, Victoria enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 kids. Her favorite family activities are camping and going to the lake. When she manages to sneak a few minutes of downtime, she loves to read (and often has a book with her at the office to read during her lunch break). 

It’s Victoria and people like her who make A-OX a great place to work! Her attention to detail and excellent customer service make her a vital part of our team.