About Propane...

Propane is a clean, efficient, and safe fuel used in numerous applications including cooking, heating, materials handling, and transportation. A-OX Welding Supply is proud to introduce A-OX Propane as one of the many services we provide. A-OX Propane provides a great value as we fill all our cylinders to maximum capacity, unlike the "other guys." A-OX Propane is available at a growing list of locations across the region. Find your nearest retail location in the map below!


A-OX Propane Wholesale

A-OX Propane is a reliable wholesale propane provider with friendly service at a competitive price. We serve both commercial users and wholesale customers. If you would like to start selling propane with no upfront cost, contact us and we will come evaluate you needs and you can add another profitable product line your business.

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For more information about A-OX Propane wholesale or industrial supply services, contact your local A-OX location today!